Project Design Office

Asli Islamoglu Project Design Office was founded to produce projects by bringing the writers who are expert in their areas together.


TV series covers a very important place in the program flow of the television channels. TV series production has become a sector with a big volume by itself. Every year, thousands of tv series scenarios are written. Approximately 150-200 of these projects are carried and only a few becomes successful. With each unsuccessful project, big investments are wasted. Creating the correct project scenario, meeting them with the correct producers and correct TV channels has become an area of expertise by itself in the TV series area. Asli Islamoglu Project Design Office provides healthy solutions just at this point and targets to assist the close the correct project gap in the sector with the TV series projects, which the scenario writers who are in its organization prepare. Asli Islamoglu Project Design Office serves the sector by preparing projects upon order according to the requests of the producers and TV channels. 


Until 15-20 years ago, the domestic movies could find the chance to be in the movie theaters, standing out among the foreign movies, today this became reversed. Our movie sector produces about 100-150 new movies every year. The domestic movies have more chance to be in the movie theaters compared with the foreign movies. The movie viewers are attracted to the domestic movies more. Asli Islamoglu Project Design Office was founded to meet the producers in search of movie scenario with the scenario writers.


The increase in the television channels and the increase in the digital platforms made inevitable that different program concepts are searched for in the tv broadcasting of today. This need is tried to be met by the formats purchased from the abroad. These projects which do not have enough local elements mostly fail. The writer team of Asli Islamoglu Project Design Office creates authentic TV show formats.


Documentary is an area which is developing slowly and limited number of production is done in our country. The documentaries, because of the changing broadcasting approach and changing viewer profile, has become more demandable by the TV channels. A lot of TV channels has started to include the documentaries in the broadcasting streams and the channels which broadcast only documentaries were started. Asli Islamoglu Project Design Office has incorporated the researches, writers, script writers and directors who produce projects in the documentary film market which will be a bigger market in the near future.